Why we should be more considerate of Bruce Willis. Why Change Is Difficult. Can You Be Fixed? Looking for Patterns In Your Symptoms Wellness Detective Update Sudden Energetic Shift . . . “Rings” True . . . Liberating . . . A Refreshing, Even Joyous, Oasis.
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Why we should be more considerate of Bruce Willis.

Extract from “Why Do We Get Sick? Why Do We Get Better? A Wellness Detective Manual.” . . . Bruce Willis made 3 ‘Die Hard’ movies. In each one he started out in reasonable shape; clean clothes and with what little hair he had usually combed. In the course of the movie we see Bruce [...]


Why Change Is Difficult.

‘Do you know someone who is their own worst enemy?’ Eh. . . yes. ‘Have you tried to help them but they just don’t seem to get it. They keep making the same mistakes over and over again.’ Yes again. ‘Why don’t they learn? Why don’t they get it? Why do people find it so [...]

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Can You Be Fixed?

When you are sick the idea that someone else can fix you is deeply rooted and very attractive. ‘You think it’s silly.’ No, I think it’s understandable. You don’t expect to know how to fix you car or your computer or your washing machine. You know there are people who have devoted time and energy [...]


Looking for Patterns In Your Symptoms

Are your symptoms intermittent? Do they come and go? If so, you can begin to look for patterns in the times they occur. This can help you discover possible triggers. The next time you get an occurrence of your symptoms track backwards through the time leading up the occurrence, looking for possible causes. Ask yourself, [...]


Wellness Detective Update

In this little video, I made while on a skiing trip, I talk about the notional distinction we make between sickness and adaptation. I also talk about the similarities between chairlifts and meditation.


Sudden Energetic Shift . . .

“Dear John, I want to thank you for the workshop and your book both of which precipitated a shift in my energy. I have for the last year or more been facing a big lump of self-doubt in me which seemed to expand and infiltrate into many areas of my life, especially work. I read [...]


“Rings” True . . .

“This unique book written in John’s incomparably humorous style focuses on a holistic way of thinking about the complexity and diversity of the human body that is both easy to understand and ‘rings’ true. Essential reading for all who are interested in an innovative approach of treating body, mind and spirit.” Kathrin Veal (MPsych) – [...]


Liberating . . .

“I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your book.  It brings with it all the inspiration and hope I felt at your workshop.  I can hear your voice as I read and it gives me great permission to be myself and know that that is enough. Thanks for writing it. To me this is a liberating way to [...]

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A Refreshing, Even Joyous, Oasis.

“It’s rare that a book enters the arena of ‘Health’ and kicks arse in such a gentle, purposeful and original way. This is just such a book. The many years John Dalton has spent practising the art of healing have given him an entirely unique and ultimately helpful perspective on the causes of our illness [...]


Deep Insight . . .

“This book is remarkable. Not only is it a succinct summary on how to become your own wellness detective, it is also easy to read and humorous. With deep insight, it equips the user with a wellness model that they can use to monitor their health, and improve it. This book gave me sudden insight [...]